Travel and Expense Management Roles

Travel and Expense Management covers multiple steps in the expense and mileage submission process, thus it has multiple roles with different responsibilities the sum of which will grant you the best possible experience and fastest process available. This section documents the different roles of Travel and Expense Management, what they achieve, and how they interact with one another. You will also find where to go to learn how to fulfill your roll optimally.

User: the user that submits expenses and mileages. Take a photo of the receipts from your expenses and submit them on the app in mere moments, or note your mileage in the aforementioned app.
Approver: the approver is the user that approves expenses and mileages after the submitter has submitted them. Your task will be to receive expenses or mileages from your designated users, review them, and then either approve or reject them, so that they may be passed along for bookkeeping.
Bookkeeper: the bookkeeper receives the approved expenses and mileages, and saves much time posting these. Additionally, the expertise of the bookkeeper is important for a number of the administrative tasks, primarily for the setup.
Administrator: the administrator handles the setup and the users behind the scenes. The majority of the work an administrator will have to do will be up-front, with things such as setting up the practical elements of Travel and Expense Management, as well as creating users for the submitters and approvers.