The task of approval is one that is primarily done reactively. The approver reacts once a user for whom they are responsible submits an expense or mileage. This means either rejecting, which will send the submission back along with a comment that described why it was rejected, or approving, which will send the expense or mileage along to the bookkeepers for posting. Once an expense or mileage has been approved, the approver no longer has to consider it.

Approval is done through the web portal, which can be accessed through any device with access to a web browser, though the best experience will be by accessing through a pc.

Feature list

Feature Description
Instant approval Approval takes but a second, and can be done through any device
Rejection message If an expense is insufficient, you can reject with a message that explains what should be bettered
Notification You will receive notifications at a frequency of your choice on email if you have submissions to approve

Being an approver might look like this

Kimmie goes about her workday normally, and is at one point notified that a user for whom she is responsible has submitted an expense. Kimmie, having a lull in other work, opens the web portal to check it. She finds the expense in question under the 'for approval field'. She opens it, and checks that the information provided matches the information on the attached receipt.
Kimmie notices that the amounts are not equal, and finds no immediate reason for why this would be, and therefore chooses to reject the expense with a comment describing the issue, after which she returns to her other work.
Not long thereafter, she is notified once more of an expense having been sent. It is the same report, now with an explanation for the mismatching numbers. Kimmie, now understanding, approves the expense, which sends it to the bookkeeping department for posting.